22 September 2022 |

Floriane Eshak is twice awarded for best communication

Congratulations to Floriane Eshak, PhD student of team 4 (Membrane Dynamics), who won two prizes this summer : Best oral communication at the Société de Chimie Thérapeutique, 29th young researcher Fellows meeting (July 2022)Best presentation priz ...

9 August 2019 |

2nd Eureka! EUROSTARS grant awarded to SPPIN researchers

After the successful OASIS project ( , a second EUROSTARS grant has been awarded to the SPPIN. A team of researchers around Martin Oheim, head of the Biophysics of N ...

31 July 2019 |

Two teams from the SPPIN awarded ANR grant

Brandon Stell and Céline Auger, from the team Cerebellar Neurophysiology, along with Marin Manuel, from the team Motor Neurons & NeuroMuscular Junctions, both part of the SPPIN, have been awarded an ANR grant for their project on “Integration of spi ...