Team 5 – Singular Imaging

The SingIng team aims at developing novel imaging capabilities based on a in-depth study of singular optics and complex media. It has emerged from the SPPIN as a demand for developing advanced optical techniques for bio-instrumentation. Our focuses are thus two-fold since both aiming at performing:

  • Fundamental studies: focused on topological control of random wavefields through random and complex media
  • Instrumental developments: concerning compressive imaging and high-resolution wavefront sensing with applications ranging from super-resolution fluorescence microscopy to laser metrology.

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Financial supports

Agence Nationale de la Recherche

Projet SpeckleSTED (2018 – 2022): Imagerie de Speckle Super-résolue à travers des milieux diffusants (Super-resolution speckle imaging through scattering media)

Projet MaxPhase (2021 – 2023): Détection de phase multiplexée pour la métrologie et l’imagerie (Multiplexed phase detection for laser metrology and imaging)

SATT – ERGANEO technology transfer company

Institut Universitaire de France

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