15 May 2020 |

Spectral correlations in forward scattering media

Artist illustration of chromatic speckle expansion after a scattering sample. (© Clément Molinier) Imaging deep in scattering tissues has been typically achieved by exciting non-linear optical processes thanks to broadband ultrashort laser pulses. Scatte ...

6 April 2020 |

The SPPIN supports Paris Hospitals in times of Corona

Together with other laboratories of the Saints Pères Biomedical Sciences Site (Campus Saint Germain) the SPPIN has collected consumables and lab material in support of the Necker, Cochin Hospitals on the left bank and Bichat, Lariboisière, Baujon Hospita ...

14 March 2020 |

STANISLAS PhD project selected by CNRS and U. Toronto

The CNRS and the University of Toronto selected a joint PhD-and research grant involving SPPIN’s team 1 (Oheim) and the laboratory of Molecular Biophysics at the Department of Biochemistry (Yip) at U Toronto. In the framework of this 3-year research coll ...

3 January 2020 |

JacSue Kehoe

The SPPIN laboratory deeply regrets to announce the death of JacSue Kehoe on 25 june 2019, at the age of eighty-three. JacSue spent decades working with the neurons of Aplysia californica, studying the post-synaptic nerve response. Among many other things, ...

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