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2nd Eureka! EUROSTARS grant awarded to SPPIN researchers

After the successful OASIS project ( , a second EUROSTARS grant has been awarded to the SPPIN. A team of researchers around Martin Oheim, head of the Biophysics of Neurone-Glia Interactions team obtained competitive funding for the NANOSCALE project, jointly carried by the Israeli SME BIRAD, the Salomon lab and CNRS-SPPIN. Building on a patent-pending nano-layer technique, it aims a providing a simple-to-use test slide and analysis software for calibrating evanescent-wave penetration depths. This toolkit will allow instrument calibration and the quantitative comparison of total internal fluorescence data across images, experiments and laboratories. In the context of this EU-funded project, we are hiring a post-doc and a programmer.

Please contact Martin Oheim.