Team 1 – Biophysics of the brain

About half of the cells in the human brain are not neurons. Our aim is to understand the contribution of glial cells and particularly that of cortical astrocytes and Bergmann glia of the cerebellum to brain metabolism and signaling. We focus on how ion channels, transporters and organelles of the glial perisynaptic processes ensheathing neuronal synapses contribute to shaping and modulating synaptic transmission. Members of the ‘Biophysics of the Brain’ team work together to develop new optical tools for super-resolution and 3-D tissue imaging of glial morphology and physiology. We use various linear and non-linear microscopy techniques together with immunofluorescence, electrophysiology and advanced mouse genetics to crack the astrocyte calcium code. Our biological preparations range from cell culture, brain slices and hiPSC-derived 3-D organoids to mice, in vivo. A new line of research focusses on tissue clarification and 1- and 2-photon light-sheet imaging.

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