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7th june 2024 – Peter SAGGAU – Acousto-optic techniques in neurophotonics

Prof Peter SAGGAU – Baylor College of Medicine, Houston USA – Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, Italy

SPPIN’s webinar 2024, 7 June at 11h00 in SPPIN common room E368 (3e étage campus Saint-Germain)

Acousto-optic techniques in neurophotonics

Experimental protocols based on advanced optical techniques have become state-of-the-art in Neuroscience. Key requirements of the employed techniques are high spatio-temporal resolution, sufficient penetration depth overcoming light scattering, and absence of photodamage to living brain tissue. To comply with these fundamental needs, various approaches to neurophotonics have been taken and many advanced systems have been developed and are successfully utilized.

One such neurophotonic technique is based on dynamic diffractive optical elements which can be acoustically steered with ultrasound in the radio frequency domain. These acousto-optic devices (AODs) are highly versatile elements and allow us to implement various types of advanced laser-based microscopes useful for neurophotonics.

In my talk, I will first introduce the fundamentals of acousto-optic devices1 and then review several AOD-based systems with demonstrated achievements or potential use in neurophotonics, including Three-dimensional Random-access Scanning2, Standing-Wave Super-Resolution Microscopy3, Encoded Multiplane Light-sheet Microscopy4, and High-speed Scan-less Camera-free Imaging5.

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