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14/09 : Florian Vollrath – 2P light-sheet microscopy for fast whole-brain imaging

Florian Vollrath – Imaging Facility, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

SPPIN’s webinar 2023, 14 september, hour TBD, online – Ask link to a SPPIN member.

2P light-sheet microscopy for fast whole-brain imaging

Light-sheet microscopy excels for imaging very large samples without cutting artifacts. In this approach, optical tissue clearing is being used to make the sample transparent in order to achieve high penetration depths. The axial resolution of light-sheet microscopes is mainly determined by the light-sheet thickness. In standard configurations, a thin light sheet is focused into the sample. The smaller the focus, the faster the light sheet divergently separates. This limits the image field size enormously at thin axial resolutions.
In my ZOOM seminar I will present a light-sheet microscope that uses two-photon excitation to completely eliminate this problem. This results in very large image fields at very good axial resolution allowing fast high-resolution imaging of cm sized samples.

Host: Martin Oheim