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30/06 – Niccolò Zampieri : Proprioception and spinal circuits for postural control

UFR / SPPIN’s webinar winter-spring 2021, UNUSUAL TIME30th June at 11h30, room R229.

Niccolò Zampieri, Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin (MDC) – Berlin – Germany

Proprioception and spinal circuits for postural control

I will talk about recent work aimed at unveiling propriospinal neuron muscle identity and spinal circuits involved in postural control. We recently identified the determinants at the basis of propriospinal neuron muscle subtype identity. This discovery allowed us to selectively study proprioceptors controlling the activity of back muscles and identify molecular mechanisms controlling their identity. This work paves the way for dissecting proprioceptive circuits specifically controlling the activity of muscles with different biomechanical functions and their roles in the construction of a body map that is used for the generation of coordinated and adaptable movement.  In addition, I will discuss how an evolutionary ancient interoceptive system that is conserved among all vertebrates has surprising functions in mammalian motor control. Altogether these data highlight the importance of different spinal circuits in integrating multiple source of sensory information to precisely control movement, balance and posture.