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09/03 – Andreas H. GUSE : Calcium microdomains and NAADP signalling

SPPIN’s webinar winter-spring 2021, 9 Mar. at 10h30, online – Ask link to a SPPIN member.

Andreas H. GUSE, MCU , Professor of Biochemistry, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology, President, European Calcium Society (ECS)

With the discovery of local Ca 2+ signals in
the 1990s the concept of ‘elementary’
and ‘fundamental Ca 2+ signals’ was
developed. While ‘elementary Ca 2+signals’ relate to optical signals gained by the activity of small clusters of Ca 2+-channels, ‘fundamental signals’ describe such optical signals that arise from the opening of a single Ca 2+ channel. Research on local Ca 2+ signals in different cell models aims at better understanding how cells use their Ca 2+ toolkit to produce Ca 2+ microdomains as relevant signals for generating specific cellular responses, but also how local Ca 2+ signals as building blocks merge into global Ca 2+ signalling.

In my talk, I will discuss Ca 2+ microdomains in T-lymphocytes, with special emphasis on the underlying mechanisms upon T cell receptor/CD3 stimulation: (i) nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NAADP) signalling, and (ii) cooperation between ryanodine receptors and ORAI channels.