SPPIN - Saints-Pères Paris Institute for the Neurosciences - CNRS UMR 8003
Université de Paris
F-75006 Paris

Dr. Marin Manuel
(alumni since 2021)

Research Scientist, CNRS
Team 3 - Motor Neurons & NeuroMuscular Junctions

mmanuel@-Code to remove to avoid SPAM-uri.edu
+33 1 42 86 33 56, room H333C

About me

My main focus of research is the workings of the motor system and how the normal motor function is affected in pathological conditions. In particular, I am studying how alterations in the functioning of spinal networks can lead to the degeneration of spinal motor neurons in ALS. I have spent nearly fifteen year mastering the techniques of electrophysiology to study the motor system and its pathologies. I have extensive experience in electrophysiology techniques including in vitro recordings, in vivo recordings in cats and in vivo recordings in mice. I started my own lab upon my recruitment at the CNRS in October 2012. As PI or co-Investigator on several externally-funded projects (including by the NIH), I successfully administered previous projects, including budgeting, training of students and post-docs, data acquisition and analysis and writing of articles. I have fostered successful collaborations with local and international teams (including CJ Heckman’s team at Northwestern University).

Recent Publications