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The Saints-Pères Paris Institute for the Neurosciences recruits in 2021

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, there is no deadline: ongoing, running call

he SPPIN (CRNS UMR8003) is a group of research teams on the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Campus of Paris University, located on the left bank, in the very heart of Paris, in the attractive 6th arrondissement We wish to expand and renew our and are seeking for several outstanding new research teams in the area of molecular and cellular neuroscience.

The labs of the SPPIN conduct basic research in biophysics, neurobiology and neurophysiology from the molecular to circuit level. Current faculty has made major contributions to the development of optical, (opto-) genetic and electrophysiological approaches for investigating neuronal, glial and circuitry function in both in vitro and in vivo preparations. High-level interdisciplinary research is facilitated by the presence on site of laboratories of pharmacology, mathematics, chemistry, physics and psychology.

The SPPIN receives financial support from the French National Research Centre (CNRS), Paris University as well as third-party funding. Several laboratories with 70-120m 2 lab space are currently available or will be available in early 2022.

The new groups will have access to state-of-the-art on-site core facilities within the building, including time-lapse, confocal and super-resolution microscopy, flow cytometry, mass spectroscopy and a brand-new (2016) 10,000-cage animal facility, also housing viral injection, optogenetics and behavioural boxes. A mouse-phenotyping platform is under construction.

We are currently looking for several candidates

  • established CNRS research teams who wish to relocate ,
  • CNRS researchers that would like to grow into independence and form their own team,
  • young, talented researchers (with no restriction on citizenship or nationality), who seek kick-off funding from the ATIP/Avenir Programme or dispose of an equivalent support from other organizations

Applications in areas complementary to current lines of research are welcome. Information on the SPPIN is found on our website.

The two-step selection process will be undertaken by an international scientific advisory board (SAB) followed by local job talks of the short-listed candidates.

Please send a CV, list of publications, short description of previous achievements, and – most important – the proposed research program (no longer than 5 pages), 3-5 letters of recommendation. Include a description of the team where appropriate.


  • Gilles Dewailly, Secretary General- Engineer, CNRS, Core unit
    gilles.dewailly@-Code to remove to avoid, +33 1 76 53 43 41, room E360